HighEndNetwork AS203283

IPv6 Route Propagation Graph

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IPv6 Route Propagation Graph

IPv4 Route Propagation Graph

Connection Policy

HighEndNetwork LLC accepting the Peering Policy which is open friendship and cooperation. You can connect with us by request connections in the IXP listed below or request for Private Network Interconnects (PNI)

If your connection will be used for business, please visit https://billing.highendnetwork.com

Internet Exchange Points

STUIX [IPv4:, IPv6: 2a0f:5707:ffe3::41]

CHIX-CH [IPv4:, IPv6: 2001:7f8:cc:333::165]

FogIXP [IPv4:, IPv6: 2001:7f8:ca:1::122]

SIX [IPv4:, IPv6: 2001:504:16::3:1a13]


Hong Kong, DC1


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Thanks for @Furia_arT gifted us our first Disco 3K switch. This is our company's first switch.


Please send email to noc#highendnetwork.com. Our NOC will reply email message at 9am to 11pm.

Tel: +1 812-370-1562